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I grew up in a mountainside motel. You know the kind, on the side of the road with separate buildings for every couple of rooms. It was great. We had a pool and basketball hoop and a dogwood tree with a crazy root system we could create miniature worlds in. At 18 I escaped the hills and ran to Richmond, Virginia. It's amazing to watch a city slowly progress, although we have a ways to go. In 2020 I earned a master's in Experience Design from the VCU Brandcenter. Since then I've been the Lead Designer and project Manager for a consultancy.  I've continued to make art a priority and have shown my work around the city.

I love to hang with my 14-year-old who is obsessed with Japanese Culture. I like to get my hands dirty - in my garden. I like to experiment with new mediums and push the boundaries of my creativity and skills. I like to work with inspiring new people and discover new things.



> Riding a one-person ski lift to a restaurant in Austria.

> A foreign object that got stuck in my ear in Cancun.

> Having a meeting at the Pentagon.

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