Create a chatbot for using facebook messenger. The chatbot should align with brand guidelines, value and style.


LUNA for leesa is a chat bot specialized in aided sleep awareness and habits in order to be well-rested. See the detailed persona below.


Sleep is vital TO living a healthy life. sleep can effect weight, concentration, productivity, and performance among many other things.

My role: UI, design, strategy, research
TEAM mates: Catherine Gellatly, Kelsey Cowan



As a team, we wanted to represent a modern, slightly gender neutral female. Luna is the name for the roman goddess personifying the moon. This was a perfect fit for the brand and our bot - especially because of the alliteration.

I used one of Leesa’s signature pillows for the background of the persona to subtly layer the brand.

We created luna’s persona at the beginning process. This helped us create an authentic and consistent voice for the chatbot.


I created this icon using leesa’s logo and site color palette. I wanted to match the brand’s style by using a simple, elegant and hip design. luna is relaxed and calm. she is the perfect guide to winding down your day, answering questions about sleep issues or simply to chat as part of your bedtime routine.


we divided the chat flow up in order to conquer different sections. the pink boxes are luna’s input and the blue circles are the response options available to the user.

We used primary research from an instagram story to help guide our choices for the conversation. Finally We tested the bot on over 40 people and edited as we received feedback.