The following narrative outline is intended to create context and highlight the features of Bio Box. The three personas are used as the main characters.



- Through an awareness campaign Bio Box targets vulnerable communities in need of access to educational programs focused on the connection between health and environmental. 

- Thea's neighborhood is targeted.

- Thea first learns about the program from an ad on her mother's social media. 

- A few days later she sees a Bio Box poster in her science class.

- She shows her friends. 

- Thea's science teacher talks to the class about the program and shows them a short video.

- Thea signs up for the Bio Box after-school program. 

Ad on Social Media

Assembly Demo Video



- Khari lives in the D.C. area

- She views the intro video and signs on to lead a Bio Box program.

- Khari is Thea's Bio Box Instructor.

- Bio Box kits are picked up from the local Home Depot.

- Khari demonstrates how to assemble the Bio Box.

- The kit includes everything you need to grow a green space - except water and sunshine!

- She encourages the children to customize the box and shows examples.

- The children see her in the classroom a few times.

- She is available to video chat and answer questions online.

- She remains a contact for Thea's program and continues to support it.


Intro Video

Instructions and Activity Guides



- Arturo lives on Thea's block.

- He is friendly and knows Thea and her family.

- He inquires about the Bio Box kit that he sees Thea bring home.

- They talk about gardening and his childhood on the farm in Mexico.

- Thea gives him some of the herbs she grows from her kit.

- Arturo offers to teach Thea an old family recipe.

- Thea and Arturo quickly become close friends.

- Thea and her friends begin to work on Bio Box extensions in the neighborhood.

- Arturo and other neighbors become involved.

- The community benefits from Bio Box.

Garden Wall Extension


Creative Sustainability Extension




- Thea shares her excitement and progress with her class and Khari.

- Khari is thrilled and features Thea on Bio Box social media

- Khari encourages Thea to continue her awesome work.

- Thea inspires her friends and community to live healthier lives.

- The Bio Box curriculum scaffolds so Thea builds her skills with each project.

Social Media Feature