Bio Box is a program designed to promote the importance of gardening and it's relation to our personal health and the health of the planet.

Passion Project / 8 weeks / Service, Experiential, Visual + Educational Design


Bio Box brings people together by focusing on personal health and the health of the planet. Whether it's learning how to grow your own food or transforming a public space, Bio Box scaffolds for different communities and learners, from age 7 to 97. 

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Gardening is my jam. As a kid I never really appreciated our garden. When I bought my first house the yard was a disaster. I had to clear it out and ended up loving the time I spent digging in the dirt and watching the flowers grow. I've been getting my hands dirty for seven years now and I learn more about gardening with each new season. It's a bonus that my family can eat what I grow which is healthier, cheaper and more fun - to me anyway! I've had the neighborhood kids come plant seeds and help water so they too can see how easy it is to grow your own food and watch the magic that nature reveals. The value of green space can't be emphasized enough, especially in urban areas, where communities can benefit from cleaner air, fresh food and beautiful scenery.

MY URBAN GARDEN in Richmond, Virginia

Raised Beds

Summer Bounty

Butterfly Garden



Recent studies have highlighted a lack of access to urban green spaces. Research shows that people with higher income and more education have greater access to green spaces than less privileged people.


Creating new green spaces from scratch is easier said than done. It takes time, money, energy and ingenuity to create a public space of vegetation for the community to enjoy. 

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Larisa Epatko


Bio Box aspires to offer kits to children and families in marginalized communities in need of green spaces. Through a grassroots education program built into each Bio Box, children start cultivating their own personal gardens. Beginning at the elementary level, with simple plant types, while moving on to middle schoolers, with plant types changing in complexity and the amount of care required.



The Bio Box program encourages kids to develop their own green thumbs by teaching them the importance of green spaces early on. Through awareness, education, demonstration and guided practice, children become leaders for greener communities.


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1. Children

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Vulnerable communities are targeted, evaluated and contacted about interest in the program. Schools, community centers and local government participate in selecting sponsors and leaders to run the local program. A contract is made with Bio Box. The program is publicized and children sign up to participate.

Designated program leaders can pickup Bio Box kits from Home Depot or arrange special delivery. During the first class of the the program, instructors distribute the kits to all children who are participating.  Kits are also be available for purchase by the public at Home Depot or by contacting Bio Box directly.


The leaders of these programs will demonstrate to kids how to assemble the box, plant the seeds and continue to grow and care for their green space on a daily basis. Online support is available on the site along with instructional videos and trouble shooting tips. Instructions are included in the Bio Boxes and available online to view, download or print.

Each year the program curriculum and projects build on the previous lessons to align with grade level. This scaffolding is essential for building skills, knowledge and ultimately promoting community involvement. 

There are a million ways to expand your Bio Box projects. These extensions range from very simple projects to complex systems and structures. They are designed to incorporate everyday materials and able to be applied in areas of little to no resources.


Sustainability is a powerful tool anyone can possess.

Justice applies to everything in life - especially the environment.

Health is the key to happiness and progress.

“Information is like compost; it does no good unless you spread it around.” 



This project started off as a fun way to help kids understand the connection between their health and the environment. As the project developed I became more invested in answering the questions that were arising from my research and more passionate about finding a feasible solution. I am proud to be the lead architect of this product and service and can't wait to see how it develops. I have plans to continue working on this program by seeking funding via investors or partnerships to make it a reality in the near future. If you are interested in supporting this program please contact me!


Andrea Owens - Experience Design, Visual Identity, Program Structure, Copywriting

Matteo Meola - 3D Design, Video

Karan Raikar - Copywriting, Video